The Problem

Criminals need just a few seconds to force a standard lock and break into a vehicle. In an average year, one in every 50 LCV’s is stolen. The loss of a commercial vehicle or its contents – and the inevitable disruption to business that follows – is extremely expensive. And yet this loss can so easily be avoided when you fit the right security.

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The Solution

Hailed as innovative, effective and technically unrivalled, the MOAL (Mother Of All Locks) combines lightness, robustness and a strong visual presence to deter and prevent even the most determined and experienced thieves.

Key Features

  • The MOAL is a purpose made, innovative limpet-style lock designed to fit on the exterior of both side and rear doors of most vehicles.
  • A strong physical presence, deterring any would-be thieves.
  • Using an alloy developed by the Aerospace industry and re-orientating the mechanism within the metal housing, the weight of the ‘MOAL’ is significantly lighter than other limpet style locks without compromising vehicle security.
  • It is both drill and pick resistant.
  • It allows sliding side doors to have the lock mechanism facing the rear of the vehicle, for added protection against particle ingress whilst the van is being driven.
  • The MOAL meets the requirements of vehicle operators who need to secure tools and equipment, especially when on sites or parked for longer periods in vulnerable situations.