The Problem

Thieves have identified a new way of stealing vehicles that is causing real concern in some quarters. Thieves remove the plastic wing (wheel arch) at the front of the vehicle which exposes the vehicles ECU (Electronic Control Unit) which they then replace with their own ECU enabling them to take the vehicle.

By forcibly removing the two electric plugs and plugging them into a second surrogate ECU with a matched key they simply press the unlock button on the new remote which then unlocks the vehicle and disables the alarm system (including any retrofitted CAN alarm systems.) The thieves then open the cab doors, put the key in the electronic ignition and start the vehicle. Noiseless.
Simple. Quick.

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The Solution

To address this threat we have pioneered the ECU shield a unique (patent applied for) Sold Secure Tested solution that works by replacing the plastic bracket with a steel one fixed to the inner wing, then a steel cover is fitted over the module and the connector held in place with anti tamper fixings. Even if a thief were to be able to pull the bracket away from the inner wing he would not be able to disconnect the wiring harness without removing the anti-tamper fixings.

Key Features

  • Only recognised solution for this emerging and sinister threat.
  • Suitable for both Euro 4 and Euro 5 vehicles.
  • Made of toughened steel for added strength and protection.
  • Installed with high security “shear” fixings for maximum resistance to theft attacks.
  • Easy to fit.