The Problem

Anything and everything is a target for the criminal even what you cannot see including spare wheels. Spare wheels are typically secured on vehicles with unprotected cables. With the cost of a van spare wheel averaging £200 thieves are targeting spare wheels for their tyres as much as the complete wheel. The tyre can be removed and the steel wheel trim scrapped for metal.

Unbolting a wheel takes a few minutes, stealing the spare takes literally seconds. Because of the ease of stealing the tyre the numbers being stolen continue to escalate and tend to be stolen in batches with as many as 20 or more being taken in a single night. Easy pickings.

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The Solution

The solution for most has been to remove the spare wheel and keep it inside the vehicle which is neither practical nor safe. The Spare Wheel Clamp secures the spare wheel firmly in place by adding an extra bolt to the chassis of the vehicle and securing the wheel to it. Secondly as the bolt can only be released or disabled from inside the vehicle the thief is denied access to the cable.

Key Features

  • Shields vulnerable areas of OEM lowering system with specifically designed guards.
  • Utilises existing lowering mechanism for easy operation.
  • Great visual deterrent — warning stickers supplied.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Means spare wheel doesn’t have to be in load area (Hazard- shifting load) or left at depot