The Problem

A recognised weakness in many commercial vehicles is the small gap around the door handles which allows a criminal to insert a tool to lever or jemmy the manufacturers lock and gain access into the vehicle.

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The Solution

The Door Handle Plate is a neat stainless steel plate designed to follow the contours of the door handle that is secured behind the manufacturers door lock but clearly visible to a would-be thief that stops the area around the lock being attacked.

The Door Handle Plates offers the same level of protection as more expensive mainstream solutions at a fraction of the cost but has no holes to drill that would normally invalidate the manufacturers warranty. Simple to install the Door Handle Plate prevents any object being placed in the opening to force the internal handle. What was once a vulnerable area is now securely protected.

Key Features

  • Door specific design covers all angles of attack from a screwdriver.
  • Quick and easy installation— no drilling or use of weak adhesives.
  • Secured to the vehicle by the existing door handle.
  • Internal deflection plates secure manufacturer’s locking system.
  • High grade stainless steel finish.
  • Instant protection from vulnerable area.
  • Can be used to re-secure or cover