The Problem

The theft of Catalytic Converters remains a very attractive and lucrative proposition to criminal fraternity and continues to pose many problems for Fleet Operators incurring not only the expense of replacing the Cat itself but the additional costs of repair.

The problem becomes even more acute when we hear that some of the traditional precious metals used in their construction such as platinum, palladium and rhodium have been replaced with Gold – a cheaper but infinitely more tradeable commodity.

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The solution

Unlike any other solution CAT protection is supplied with the International Security Register (ISR®) marking and registering system as standard delivering even greater protection and potent deterrent.

All product is supplied with high visibility window warning stickers and label together with marking fluid which permanently etches a unique 7 digit security code and 24/7 telephone number for the ISR® into the CAT or DPF. Even if a thief should remove the label, the etched mark remains in place meaning that if the item is stolen the identity of the vehicle to which it belongs can be easily and swiftly verified by calling the ISR.

Key Features

  • Product integrity.
  • OEM tested and approved.
  • Double protection. Security that the product offers along with added safeguard of ISR marking kit.
  • Ease of installation. Universal fitting kit. Fits any vehicle.
  • Peace of mind. Money back guarantee.
  • Afforable. Costs considerably less than having to replace the Cat!
  • Accessibility. Nationwide, fixed price no nonsense 24hr installation service.